They stole what's good in me.
Q: So I was with my boyfriend the other day and we were kissing and I felt sparks and so much passion in the kiss. I think I'm in love. Should I tell him?

Yes omg

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Q: i'm trying to stop cutting but i keep finding myself fantasizing about it and i don't think i can resist much longer… how do i get it off my mind?

Just try to do other things, it’s okay to think about it, you just need to control yourself

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Q: I care about you a whole bunch. *gives you a million hugs and kisses*


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C’mon guys go follow me! @zowiedb :) 

There’s one thing I’d like to say: Even though I have a lot of followers on Tumblr, there are just a few people who know about my blog. I ask you guys to respect that, You can mention me in tweets and stuff but there’s just one rule:

what happens on Tumblr, stays on Tumblr. Okidoki?

Love you guys,
Xoxo, Zowie

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Q: How to fall in love?

Rule no. 1: don’t do it

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Q: What did the anon mean by would you cut again IF you had the chance?

Idk, I think he/she meant that if you really needed to cut and there is just no other option, would you do it? 

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Q: do you like this game?


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Q: would you cut yourself again if you had the chance?


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Q: are you proud of what you have achieved in life?


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Q: have you kissed somebody before?


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Q: are you happy with yourself?


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Q: Are u French?

Non 😜

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Q: Are you under 18


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Q: If you could pick your family, would they be the same people?


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Q: Would you rub mayo on your body for your fans?


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